Identity Ventures

The Identity Ventures Process

The Identity Ventures consulting process is based on a well-defined set of parameters that allow us to rapidly develop a strategy of how we can best assist our client.  The process is divided into 8 Phases from beginning to end. The timeline of moving through the phases can be set as short or as long as the clients require. The initial process entails sitting down with the client and listening to the problems they are having or the opportunities they are pursuing.  

Phase 1: First Meeting     

We meet and listen to the opportunities that the client is pursuing or the problems they are having.  This meeting is attended by Senior Management decision makers, who can commit for the client.  Identity Ventures partners will provide the client with their initial thoughts on the project and if they believe they will be able to assist the client.  This step usually takes one or two meetings and the customer is free to decide not to go ahead with the assignment.  The initial consultation is always at no cost to the client.  Since, Identity Ventures product is its vast industry knowledge, global relationships and extensive experience, Identity Ventures will not provide detailed plans or guidance at this phase.  These will only be provided when financial terms are agreed upon.

Phase 2: Scope & Guidelines

This step leads to a ‘formal’ working agreement.  The scope and boundaries of the assignment, and identify of stakeholders holders will be established.  The basic roadmap of the assignment will be defined and end results will be identified.  Financial obligation of the parties will be determined and the contract will be signed. 

Phase 3: Interviews & Data Collection

In this step, Identity Ventures gathers information by interviewing management and stakeholders via documentation and in person meetings. This data collection is part of the process that leads to a further understanding of where the major opportunities of the organization are.   Market and industry data will also be collected and reviewed.

Phase 4:  The Plan

In this phase Identity Ventures, in close collaboration with the client, develops a detailed plan including strategy, methodology, project organization, resources, budgets for the identified plan. We also design the necessary measures (qualitative/ quantitative) to monitor progress and results as we proceed in this project. Identity Ventures is able to take the lead or co-lead in any of the processes. 

Phase 5: Customers and potential partners

Customer/Partner meetings are usually essential to the client’s success.  Identity Ventures will set-up key meetings, jointly establish meeting goals and prepare or work with the client to prepare meeting presentations.  Identity Ventures will cut the red tape and introduce the client to key industry executives and companies/partners that would normally be out of reach for the client. Since, Identity Ventures vast relationships are paramount to our future business, this step is taken very seriously by us.  Non-mutually agreed cancelled meetings or not being prepared for meetings will be considered a breach of contract.

Phase 6: Implementation

Identity Ventures carries out the action plan - implements new processes, key projects, financing, interim management, go-to-market plans, supply chain and logistics, customer meetings, etc. 

Phase 7: After Action Review

Identity Ventures and clients review all of the deliverables and success measures.  Strategies will be revised and new plans and processes will be developed.

Phase 8: Closure

This is the formal closure of the project, review with the stakeholders the activities undertaken and identify the learning’s. In this step we try to ‘observe or measure’ the behavior changes that occurred and the impact it had on the business results.