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 Partner - Nashville

Beginning in 2000, I served as the Chief Strategy Officer, and Chief Operation Officer, responsible for organizational and infrastructural development, sales, marketing for Black Sheep. I develop the branding for unique luxury brands while also creating the marketing philosophies, and subsequent development of now iconic packaging and flavor profiles for Black Sheep. The long-term infrastructure strategies proved to be unique and tremendously successful. As Black Sheep now provides a trusted and memorable luxury brand, for new and unsuspecting drinkers. At the same time, a tequila connoisseur will appreciate the stand-alone style that is a Black Sheep.


From 2000 to 2005, I was the Regional Account Director and Relationship manager at Private Business Inc, which provided services to banks across the United States. I improved budgeting, financial sales forecasting, and ancillary models for use in strategic planning and analysis. I developed and monitored national accounts earning plans to achieve growth and profitability. I was the lead in an Oracle implementation, and subsequently provided monthly large data queries for the organization. Providing trends for project departmental month-end profit ratio changes.


From 2005 to 2007, Working as Financial Underwriter with CIGNA Healthcare. I assisted in designing and refining the contract network for the initial release of new two new consumerism products called HSA & HRA. I orchestrated the nationwide utilization of the (OAP-In Network Only) Open Access Plus network over the originally planned (HMO) Health Maintenance Organization. Resulting in 4 nominations and 2 awards from Cigna Healthcare Awards. I performed case-specific risk assessments, and responsible for account level rate development, while developing and monitoring account earning plans to achieve growth and profitability.

From 2005 to 2011, I assisted in creating the branding and marketing as the GM for a successful Asian inspired restaurant. Creating the restaurant from the ground up, with annual business plan to promote initiatives, improved profitability, controlled spending, and enhanced productivity with the use of KPs, timelines and clear objectives. I created, implemented two new product offerings: resulting in six years of consecutive growth and successful exit. The restaurant was ranked in the top ten for Asian Cuisine in North America.


In 2009, I help develop a comprehensive financial planning technology company called iQuantfi. My responsibilities consisted of creating the business plan, personal, and workflows, from the ground up. I also proactively created a dynamic budgeting & planning process with a focus on flexibility during rapid growth and constant rapid change across the company. The company earned Best in Show at Silicon Valley’s Finovate.


From 2017 to 2021, As the acting CFO for a CyberSecurity Organization that Manages Information Security Risk. This role led to key initiatives of automation and streamlining reporting, with improvements to infrastructure and financial management tools that drove efficiencies throughout finance and subsequent organizational merger.


From 2012 to 2020, As the Chief Strategy Officer, and an Investment Advisor, I created a group called the Legacy Solutions that had an emphasis of Faith, Hope, & Charity. Specializing in unique compensation strategies, wealth creation, and tax management solutions, including Premium Financed Insurance, ESOP, Qualified plans, Non-Qualified Deferred Compensations plans, Insurance solutions, Foundation management, and Exit/Succession Planning. Providing high net worth individuals leverage, to finance large amounts of capital.

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